About Us

My name is Lee-Anne and I have been teaching babies, toddlers and kids to Swim for over ten years. Now having had thousands of children through my hands – I have gained the experience that works best for children to learn, resulting in the conclusion that each and every child is completely individual – different personalities, characters, reactions and responses, genetic differences in bone densities, fat stores, rhythmic breathing with different ranges of movement, mobility and flexibility. I also understand that all children will have some ability to swim and enjoy the water, regardless of any individual special need. I understood that parents and guardians wanted their children to have a sense of well-being, confidence and joy in the water. They wanted to help their children have a positive relationship with their abilities, they valued the child’s sense of achievement and ownership of their own miraculous development from childhood into adolescence. Helping children and facilitating important building blocks to perform and fulfil their own developmental milestones.

With all this experience and knowledge I went to shop for some quality products and swim aids that would actually accommodate the different needs of the different kids as well as thinking about the needs of the parents and guardians–without success! This is when the idea of the Orby Jetsuit was first conceived!

The Product development of the suit took a solid three years, from concept to delivery. Prototype after prototype ( I would like to thank my beautiful mums and babies for allowing me to test these on their children –for this I shall be forever grateful). After much deliberation and adjusting we nailed the design and then it came to the manufacturing! Another long story! Today we have the perfect design that allows toddlers and kids the perfect positioning in the water to develop proper swimming skills. We as teachers, parents and guardians can now measure the progression of the child each time they go swimming. Please see our Vlog of some of our kids from AquababesNI use the suit and see them independent, moving arms and legs, developing strong muscles to really propel them through the water! Here are some of the testimonials we at Orby have received from our customers.