"Totally blown away at how Ethan took to his new orby suit today. He got into the water and clung to me like he's being doing the past few months to paddling along unaided within the space of 30 mins, def worth investing in one of these magic suits, Thanks Leanne."
"Best money I’ve ever spent amazing how much of a difference this suit can make to a child's confidence in the water my child absolutely loves swimming now."
"Is there anywhere I can write a review for your jetsuits? Actually amazing!!! Mason has only had it two weeks and swimming the whole width of the pool by himself, you know what he was like wouldn't let go of me or even go anywhere in the pool by himself, completely different now can't stop him! Even in the big pool, they really are brilliant!! Can't wait to Charlie is big enough to fit into one."

Swimi Gymi’s and Wraps

"Thank u orby!!! I was quite nervous with my 6 month old baby in the water and have tried other products but to no avail until a friend recommend this product. I am now so confident and relaxed with my baby in the water and more importantly my baby is safe and loves are swim time now."
"Fantastic innovative product. This is really amazing I feel so secure with my child in the pool using this wonderful suit."
"Wonderful product. Keeps baby lovely and warm in the water."
"Bought the Orby Swimi Gymi suit for my little boy who is 10 months old and learning to swim, my little one seemed cold in the water so began searching for different swimming suits for babies i'm so glad to have found this one! Having bought several regular suits for him this one seems to keep him much warmer and happy which makes lessons a better experience! Absolutely delighted with the suit love the built in nappy, design and colour would highly recommend. :)"